AM Telescopic Ball Screws

AM telescopic ball screws make the ideal drive elements for demanding alignment and positioning tasks in restricted areas. The high-precision electro-mechanically operated construction element enables the user to control and monitor movement sequences numerically.

AM telescopic ball screws are carefully designed and manufactured for individual applications. The special features include:

low installation height, enabling a compact
    design in the retracted condition

the telescopic function enables
    very large stroke movements

outstanding running quality at high and
    low feed speeds

high dynamics

smooth operation, high efficiency
    and low heat generation

perfectly smooth starting and positioning

backlash-free Operation under tractive
    and compressive forces

very high stiffness

positioning accurate to the micron

position definition by shaft encoder
    of the drive element

The heart of the highly innovative AM telescope technology is the know-how gathered over many years in the development and production of AM high-performance telescopic ball screws. With their deep-nitrided, high-precision spindles, AM high-performance telescopic ball screws stand out for their high dynamics, long-term precision and extremely long working life, and have proven themselves for many years in demanding engineering applications.


The unique AM telescope principle is based on the cascading of several ball screws, in which the spindles are hollow, and are provided with an internal thread. In this way, the spindle serves simultaneously as the holder for another spindle.

This sophisticated technology, combined with maximum precision and tested quality, offers designers and users versatile and interesting possibilities for the creation of reliable and capable system solutions offering outstanding economy.

AM double telescopic ball screw with gear stage for simultaneous drive

AM double telescopic ball screw with gear stage for simultaneous drive


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