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Company History of A.MANNESMANN



Our company is founded. It is the origin of all Mannesmann industrial activities. The processing of metal is perfected, thus creating a unique position on the market in the early years. On this basis, we continue to develop our expertise.


The seamless tube rolling method is discovered and revolutionizes the use of hollow body production from metal in all sectors. In 1885, the Mannesmann pipe works branches off.


In the troubled wartime of 1939, Dipl.-Ing. Wilhelm Schenck takes over the company and leads it into the future. A.MANNESMANN specializes. Not only our own hardening shop with 16 m soaking pits offers the conditions for the new portfolio: The production of a wide range of different, technically demanding, high-precision machine elements in a high degree of slenderness. A.MANNESMANN is today considered the technology leader in the field of precision ball screw production.


The company continues to develop technically. In 2012, the company received the Reinhard and Max Mannesmann Award for innovative performances for the continued development of ball screws. Today, A.MANNESMANN produces telescope actuators and ball screws that telescope up to 4-times with a space savings of up to 386%. This makes highly-compact designs in mechanical and plant engineering possible without restricting dynamics and precision.


A.MANNESMANN expands its production area by another 3,000 m² with a new hall. The various machine elements are therefore now manufactured in an area of about 9,000 m² and are sold worldwide.


The SCHNEEBERGER Group, headquartered in Switzerland, acquires full control of the shares of A.MANNESMANN Maschinenfabrik GmbH on October 01, 2017.

218 years of industry history

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You can purchase the book by and about A.MANNESMANN here. (in German language)