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Milling spindles from A.MANNESMANN

Overview of A.MANNESMANN Milling Spindles

As a specialist in geometrically sophisticated, long, slim machine components, we produce a wide range of spindles and spindle sets in over 200 versions with over 20 different spindle diameters with decades of expertise from our company.

Milling Spindles in High-Precision Machining Units

Milling spindles are high-precision machining units of a milling machine that are specifically designed for milling with a wide variety of objectives. On the one hand, for example, a large machining volume may be required during roughing. On the other hand, a particularly low-vibration, high-speed cutting movement is important for fine machining. The tools are replaced by an automatic tool clamping system, especially at high-performance machining centers. Milling spindles are extremely powerful rolling or hydrostatically-supported machine assemblies whose production requires particular expertise.

Examples of Different Designs for Spindles from A.MANNESMANN

Customer-Specific Production

A.MANNESMANN produces and supplies spindles and spindle sets individually according to your customer specification as individual parts, small series or series. We will be happy to provide you with information about our production options. Please let us know about your request or send us your inquiry.

Advantages at a Glance

Economical advantages

  • Economical production through specialization
  • Individual pieces, small series, series production, assemblies
  • High precision and wear resistance
  • Ready to install according to your drawings / specifications
  • Specialist in high degrees of slenderness
  • Completely machined directly by the manufacturer, including in-house heat treatment

Technical advantages

  • With a high surface quality, including heat treatment
  • All dimensions
  • Lengths possible up to 15,000 mm
  • Machine elements > 5 tons
  • Geometrically sophisticated machine elements
  • Precision up to 1 µm

Special Expertise

Production of a wide range of geometrically sophisticated, rotationally symmetrical machine elements with a high degree of slenderness in the highest level of accuracy.

Manufacturing Lengths

We produce in varying lengths up to 15 m.


We produce our machine elements in a wide range of diameters from 25 to 500 mm.


We produce with an accuracy up to 1 µm according to customer requirements. As desired, we provide accuracy qualities of IT 1, IT 3 or IT 5.


We produce workpieces from small weights up to a unit weight of 5 tons.


The heat treatment occurs in-house. We use up to 16 m soaking pits for the vertical thermal treatment and nitride in-house.

Surface Hardness

We achieve a surface hardness of 900 HV for maximum wear protection.

Surface Quality

Our workpieces are ground, lapped, super-finished, micro-finished and deep-nitrided up to 900 HV in the surface qualities.


We can process machine elements in all standard machining methods: Turning, milling, drilling, deep hole drilling, whirling, grinding, thread grinding, honing.

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Your request to us

Use our professional competence to develop the best solution. Our engineers can be reached directly under

+49 2191 989-140

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