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Sensor System for Ball Screws

Overview of the Sensor System for Ball Screws

The safest production processes are monitored processes. This also applies to ball screw use in mechanical and plant engineering. The A.MANNESMANN sensor system is applied to the nut flange and thus provides the most direct measurement results of the operating behavior to identify operating conditions and for documentation purposes.

Sensor system on ball screws ready for industry 4.0

Benefits of Using the Sensor System

The operational reliability of machine tools is largely determined by the overall functionality of individual machine assemblies. Any deviation may have serious impacts, which can lead to a machine downtime in the worst case. That is why the importance of functional monitoring in real-time steadily increases.

The measurable operating variables of ball screws are ideally suited as a basis for determining condition information, which includes the operating temperature and the vibration situation.

The vibration analysis in particular provides detailed clues about the operating condition of the ball screw.

With the installation preparation for a wide variety of sensors on ball screws, we create the prerequisites for reliable measurements and solid measurement data that forms the basis for your analysis and documentation strategy.

Sensory Requirements and Production

Speak to us about your needs for a sensor system and analysis. Or do you have a vibration problem on a ball screw? We will be happy to advise you in any case with no obligation.

We are happy to support you with our equipment in the selection and evaluation of the right sensor system.

General Advantages at a Glance

Economical advantages

  • Operational reliability through functional monitoring
  • Current operating state statements
  • Triggering of service and maintenance
  • Avoiding machine downtime
  • Analysis and documentation
  • Reliable future prognoses

Technical advantages

  • Targeted temperature monitoring
  • Recording and evaluating the vibration situation
  • Analysis of the vibration scenarios
  • Determining the vibration characteristic values of frequency, acceleration, speed, path
  • Characteristic value assignment with safe diagnosis
  • Measurement of running quality and running culture
  • Functional monitoring in real-time

Temperature Sensor System for Optimal Operating Condition

The operating temperature can be used to derive whether the operating behavior is normal or abnormal. This important operating variable for ball screws is determined directly at the nut flange. The temperature sensor measures the current temperature here.

The measured values transmitted via the sensor are compared with normal values by means of a temperature comparison. Using the measurement results, the current operating status can be assigned and service or maintenance activities are automatically triggered if necessary in the event of deviations.

A long-term monitoring identifies temperature trends that indicate early situation and time-dependent changes and allocate them, which is an important indicator of service life for ball screws.

Sensor to determine the temperature on the nut flange

Vibration Sensor System for Perfect Precision Production

The second and more complex operating variable for ball screws is the detection and evaluation of the vibration situation.

Due to their structural design and dynamic movements, all ball screws have different vibration scenarios whose analysis provides important information from within. This information not only makes sound statements about the current operating status possible, but also makes reliable predictions possible about the future behavior of the ball screw.

The overall vibration pattern is measured with an accelerometer on the nut flange. Coordinated filters break down the overall vibration into individual vibrations and determine the four important vibration characteristic values of frequency, acceleration, speed and path.

A clearly reliable diagnosis is possible due to the characteristic value assignment to the individual components of the ball screw. The vibration sensors make it possible to objectively measure the running quality and the running culture of the ball screw.

Determination of different vibration characteristic values

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Your request to us

Use our professional competence to develop the best solution. Our engineers can be reached directly under

+49 2191 989-200

Online Inquiry for Ball Screws