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Manufacturer / Innovation

Manufacturer Expertise

Our perspective is bilateral, thereby offering a perfect basis of knowledge for our customers. On the one hand we have the perspective of a machine manufacturer, while on the other hand we supplement this with our special production capabilities. This is what our customers benefit from as soon as they want our cooperation in designing the structural environment of our products. By incorporating A.MANNESMANN in the planning at an early stage, we are able to focus on the low-cost execution of the tasks while considering the different variables.

Targeted production processing through years of expertise and constructive cooperation

Development and Innovation

Our product development is not only oriented towards today's technological requirements, but above all towards future technological requirements. This not only refers to the proven application areas of our products where we constantly strive to improve and develop further, but also to new technologies where our products or new developments will be used in the future.

Our well-trained and experienced engineers, designers and technicians continuously work on developing advantageous solutions for our customers. Their innovative strength has resulted in unique and therefore patent-worthy practical solutions with our ball screw and telescope actuator products.

Constant development and adaptation to new technical requirements

Custom Production

We custom produce all products in contract manufacturing. All processes in the company are designed for efficiency on this basis, both prefabrication and in production.

With our comprehensive machinery and the experience of our employees, we are equally proficient in highly rational production and the technical challenge in the limit area.

Custom contract manufacturing at A.MANNESMANN